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Training Admin and LMS

Outsourcing training administration can provide significant advantages, allowing you to streamline operations, enhance the learning experience, and maximize the impact of your training programs. It offers expertise, cost savings, scalability, and the ability to focus on your core business, ultimately contributing to improved organizational performance and growth.

Need help with training administration?

We offer comprehensive training administration services. Our experienced team can handle all aspects of training management, from course scheduling and registration to logistics and communication. We ensure smooth coordination of training events, including venue booking, materials preparation, and learner communication.

Our training administration services also include learner support and evaluation. We provide assistance to learners throughout their training journey, addressing any queries or technical issues they may encounter.


We also conduct evaluations to gather feedback on the training programs, identify areas for improvement, and ensure continuous enhancement of the learning experience.

Our LMS is designed to meet the specific needs of your organization. It allows you to create and upload training content, customize course structures, and track learner progress. With our user-friendly interface, learners can easily navigate through the training materials, access resources, and interact with instructors and fellow learners. 

The LMS also provides reporting capabilities, allowing administrators to monitor learner performance, track completion rates, and generate insightful reports.

Don't have an LMS?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software platform that enables the delivery, management, and tracking of training programs. It provides a centralized hub where learners can access training materials, complete courses, and track their progress. 

We use Moodle as an e-learning platform; This user-friendly platform allows learners to access study material and assignments.

Academic Advance can assist with the development of Moodle sites as well as the required maintenance and support.  

We could also upload one or two courses if you do not require a comprehensive LMS.